• Gabriella Garcia

ICM Final Project: deep space introspection

Below are prototype videos for my final ICM project, with some thoughts and ideas of where I want to go with it. I'm still working with the input-style game I've been writing about for my last two posts, so I'll get down to it to skip redundancies.

Finding meaning

The game started with a facetious tone as "resting bitch tone" is my default language placeholder. But while I started developing the idea I found myself facing some fairly hard questions about my own life and future after a cataclysmic event around midterms. I can't just stop life to attend to the event, so I decided that I can process through my projects for school.

Thus, "pointless self-reflection" became "Deep Space Introspection":

editor for prototype: https://editor.p5js.org/medusamachina/sketches/S1Rcp-6nX

The "game" is a tool that prompts users through psychology questions formulated to help individuals form a better understanding of themselves, their motivations, and their purpose. The questions are juxtaposed with images from the NASA public image database to stimulate a dissonance between cosmic importance and insignificance. I foresee the questions and images coming from JSON datasets, while also involving click-through objects to give users options about what type of questions they'd like to focus on. The experience will be [tentatively] enhanced with sound visualization or sound-triggered events, though I don't really have the purpose fleshed out yet.

editor for prototype: https://editor.p5js.org/medusamachina/sketches/BJuzXNZ6X

Moonshot result

I originally turned a bug into a feature by making the game zero output because I didn't know how to log inputs for future use. But I'm curious about making this piece a reflection booth, where responses to the question will be recorded (inspired by this p5 audio example), and then the user can put the file on a provided USB key (would collect people's unused keys and wipe them) with the file automatically deleting upon transfer. It would create an aural keepsake of a moment of deep reflection so that they can access their thoughts later whenever they need to.