• Gabriella Garcia

LIPP week 7: object theater presentation

I began my tarot studies about three years ago and found the practice to be an extraordinary intuitive meditation toward my art practice. There's that old adage... toss a coin, because you'll know which way you'll want it to land while it's in the air. Similarly, reading the cards gives me a method to externalize my creative intentions for reflection while also providing prompts that provoke different and perhaps before-unseen approaches toward those intentions.

So it's a great pleasure to be bringing the progressive narrative of the deck's major arcana to life (a recap of the story proposal here) for this object theater performance with a very ambitious team. Adi, Hayk, and I have settled into our roles neatly; I'm taking the lead on constructing the script and choreography of the performance. I feel a little guilty for not getting my hands more dirty in the technicals, but given the demanding task we've assigned ourselves as a group it feels right to lean into our pre-existing strengths to pull this off. I'm also contributing by sourcing and creating some of the video we'll be using, so I can get some technical satisfaction out of that.

Here's our project presentation deck, I'll update later to flesh out the details for those reading who will not be present for our presentation today: