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Material of Language assignment 3: Asemic Dance Notation

Git repo:

I'm grateful for the extra week & tutorial for this assignment... I wasn't exactly sure where I was going with it until Allison walked us through her remixed handwriting notebook and I was excited by how polyline could be used with characters to make a sort of ink-blot calligraphy. This combined with some of the line scribbling reminded me of dance/choreography notation, so I looked into some examples for inspiration:

My end product comes nowhere near the strict structure of notation, especially Feuillet's notation of Beauchamp's ballet choreography, which was rigorously measured toward perfect geometry (the more perfect, the closer to God, hooray for taking ballet Spring 2019). Figuring out legibility/cyphering would be ideal, in hopes that it could be interpreted by a dancer or choreographer.

Here are some of my favorite outputs:

Ideally, there could be a path that connects the "points" (which are formed by the poly.curve function on a randomly selected "b" character). Thinking on it as I write it out, I know I could have simplified by illustrating the plot point themselves as opposed to overlaying a polyline on top of other randomly placed objects. Maybe this is the next step.

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