• Gabriella Garcia

th3 gL1Tc#: ITP Zine Club @ the NY Tech Zine Fair

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Because I apparently don't have enough to do, I produced this zine for the first annual NY Tech Zine Fair hosted by the School for Poetic Computation on 1 December, 2018.

th3 gL1Tc# is an auditory exploration of distortion—of reality, of message, of time.

In zine format, tracks accessed by QR codes (which will expire on 29 Dec 2018) with the paper issue standing as a pre-release of an expanded companion cassette to be produced and distributed Jan 2019. If you're interested in knowing more, say hi or visit the Audiotonomy bandcamp site to order a copy!

Purchases cover the cost of production, with all other profit split among featured artists.