• Gabriella Garcia

LIPP week 3: brewing underneath the surface

So I'm still feeling pretty shaky on the goings-on in Max, but I've definitely made progress from my first dive in. I'm starting to feel out interactivity and understand the order of operations, and have tested a few elements to figure out what has the visual impact I'm looking for. I cleaned up my video playlist by using a umenu, though I liked being able to use ASCII to play videos and that I could loop video easily in the playlist. I also started playing around with jit.matrix and jit.op, which has been satisfying.

I've been able to work toward predictability, which was something missing until this morning. I've made a couple updates since the screen capture I'm posting below that allow me to clear video from the playlist or web cam as necessary. I also changed the jit.op bang from a button to a toggle, which made a huge difference. Prior to these updates, there was a lot of randomness/guessing that looked cool, but would not serve well as a performance tool.

This is what I have so far (minus the updates noted above!):

It's been hard for me to conceptualize next week's performance due to my learning curve/inability to create predictability until now, so I'm looking forward to working out the story I'm trying to tell now that I have the beginnings of a workable tool. It still feels like a simple device, especially in seeing the progress others are making, and I'm hoping I can catch up toward creating something I feel truly proud to share. I've been diving into some Max performance videos, which has given me a better frame of reference for how the tool is actually used which I honestly didn't really know.

Some questions:

-How do I control sound from video files?

-I want to use the jit.brcosa object but only on one video feed?

-How to superimpose video file on video file?

-Most importantly, w does the program actually interact with output?

Looking forward to office hours on Monday!